You Can’t Go Wrong With Glider Oil and Propane!

- 9:55 am - September 28th, 2017

Glider Oil knows all there is to know about propane and the benefits that come with it. And, with automatic delivery, we make sure your home is fueled up year-round. Read on to learn about the many benefits propane has to offer.



Propane — also called liquid propane, LP gas or LPG — is the perfect solution for your year-round comfort needs. In winter, it can keep your whole home warm. In summer, it can fuel up your grill, pool heater, deck lights and more. It’s an economical heating method as well, providing more heat while using less fuel when compared to electric heating systems.

Propane’s versatility allows it to run many appliances throughout the home. Washers, water heaters, stoves and cooktops, and dishwashers can all be fueled by propane. With the added benefit of Glider Oil’s automatic delivery services, your home will always be fueled up and running efficiently, no matter what the weather does outside.



Liquid propane has a long-standing record of safety when stored, transported and used in accordance with strict codes and regulations. The odorant added to LP gas makes a leak easily detectable, and propane detectors should be installed for additional safety.



Liquid propane won’t contaminate ground water or soil, and it burns more cleanly than any other fossil fuel. It’s so clean that it is listed as a clean alternative fuel in both the Clean Air Act (1990) and the Energy Policy Act (1992).



Propane will continue heating your home during power outages, as propane heating systems won’t shut down the way electric systems would. 


That’s what makes propane a reliable fuel and Glider Oil a reliable propane company! Contact Glider Oil today to learn more!

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