Fuel the Scene with High-Quality Kerosene

- 1:05 pm - August 16th, 2022

Glider Oil provides a wide range of top-notch fuels to meet your specific needs. For your convenience, we deliver dyed kerosene, on-road and off-road diesel, and non-ethanol gasoline. Each fuel comes with its own set of unique uses and benefits.

Dyed Kerosene

Our kerosene is known for efficiently fueling small structures and mobile homes. But it can also be used to fuel your indoor and outdoor activities. Use it to start up your indoor stoves or campfires, fuel your lamps, and more. Kerosene is also a great fuel for heating and cooking on boats.

Off-Road and On-Road Diesel

We understand the hectic schedules of business owners, which is why we provide flexible delivery hours so you don't have to worry about running out of fuel while on the job. Whether you'd like to gas up at the start of the day or while working, we have all the diesel you need to fuel your fleet or equipment.

Non-Ethanol Gasoline

Looking for an effective fuel for chainsaws, lawnmowers and other machinery? We now provide non-ethanol gasoline for smaller engines and tools to help you get the job done.

For more information on the types of fuels we provide to homeowners and businesses, visit our fuels page or contact us today.

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