Shake the Burden of Fueling Costs - Enroll in a Payment Plan

- 9:23 am - April 12th, 2022

Are hefty fuel costs putting a strain on your finances? At Glider Oil, we want to help you ease this burden and balance your budget. That’s why we offer budget plans with cap pricing for fuel oil and propane, as well as pre-buy plans for propane.


A Glider Oil budget plan can help prevent oversized bills! We will predict your fuel needs for the year and divide it into 12 monthly payments. Don’t worry if your budget amount exceeds the actual cost of fuel used. You can adjust your payments throughout the season so you have a zero balance when the budget plan ends in June.


Our budget plans begin in July, so don’t miss your chance to sign up!


At the same time, you can take advantage of cap pricing! No matter how high the price of fuel goes, your costs will never exceed the cap price for that budget season.


If the market price falls below the cap price, you’ll pay the market price. This ensures the best possible pricing for our customers.


Customers who use propane as their primary fuel for heating can pre-buy their fuel for the season. When you pre-buy, even if the price of propane rises the cost to you will not. If you do not use all the gallons purchased, any remaining funds at the end of the season can be refunded to you.


The pre-buy option cannot be combined with a budget plan or any heating assistance program.


Contact us today to learn more about these great plans!

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