No Propane Tank? No Problem!

- 9:00 am - November 9th, 2016

Yes, Glider Oil is a full-service home heating company. And yes, 2017 will mark our 75th year serving homes and businesses in central and northern New York State. However, just as important as these “Yesses” are the “No’s” our customers enjoy.
No watching your fuel gauge, monitoring your tank, worrying about running out of fuel or calling to schedule a delivery. Our automatic heating oil delivery customers enjoy the ultimate seasonal convenience and peace of mind, plus…
No emergency delivery charges. If, as an automatic delivery customer, you do somehow run out of fuel, we’ll deliver it anytime, day or night, free of charge.
No minimum usage fees or tank rental charges for propane customers. If you’re considering having a single propane-fired appliance installed, but hesitant to do so because you don’t want to get hit with a nasty fee by the gas company, talk to Glider Oil! You’ll be free to purchase as much or as little propane as you need and won’t get hit with continuous rental charges for your fuel tank.
Glider Oil customers know what separates us from other fuel companies, because they experience these advantages every fall and winter. Why not see for yourself? Contact the nearest Glider Oil location and ask about our heating oil or propane delivery options

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