Great News for Oilheat Users

- 4:59 pm - October 19th, 2015

As it turns out, leaves aren’t the only things falling in Oswego County this time of year. According the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s recent Winter Fuels Outlook report, homeowners heating their home primarily with Oilheat can expect to spend an average of $459 less this winter on heating than last winter (amounting to a 25% decrease). The report also projected that this winter’s average natural gas costs will only drop $64, and average electrical heating costs will only drop $30.
Now is a great time to rely on Oilheat for your home comfort this winter. Not only does it provide an unmistakable warmth that makes even the most brisk of mornings pleasant, but it’s also becoming more affordable than ever! And of course, our convenient Oilheat services like automatic delivery and guaranteed emergency delivery make Oilheat a clear choice for heating your home this season. 
If you aren’t currently using Oilheat but would like to make the switch, contact Glider Oil today.

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