It’s Always Propane Season

- 9:22 am - March 16th, 2022

All year round, propane is the perfect fuel for the comforts of home in New York. It warms the entire house, heats the water for your shower, powers home appliances, and more.


At Glider, we work to ensure that every customer gets the best possible value from the fuels we deliver. That means giving our customers the most dependable, affordable and convenient service. It’s a mission we take very seriously! Here’s how we do it:


We’re Affordable! We provide our customers with fair and competitive propane prices. That includes budget payment plans and convenient payment options for all our customers.


We’re Convenient! From rental tanks and tank installation to full-service delivery, we do it all.


We’re Reliable! You depend on uninterrupted service. We back up our delivery services with the most modern routing technology available. We also offer automatic delivery, which means you’ll never have to track your propane usage – we do it for you.


And don’t forget that propane also fuels pool heaters, fire pits and other outdoor amenities. Does your family enjoy the great outdoors like so many families in our area? You can rely on the power of propane for:


  • Gas Grills, Deep Fryers and Smokers
  • RVs – for cooking, hot water, refrigeration, and power
  • Portable Camping Stoves
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Insect Control
  • Patio Heaters


Yes, propane is a clean and versatile fuel for all seasons, inside and out! It also powers standby generators that keep families protected every season. Glider makes sure that when the time comes to enjoy some rest, relaxation and fun, you'll be ready to go. Contact us today and bring home the benefits of propane!

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