Store Your Propane Out-of-Sight and Out-of-Mind

- 9:01 am - December 16th, 2016

Many of today’s custom-built homes feature underground propane tanks, and with good reason: they can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any landscape design, and since only the dome is visible there is minimal visual intrusion. They’re also available in a wide range of sizes, and even large-capacity tanks can be installed without impact to landscaping. Most of all, propane is clean and versatile.
More than 14 million Americans take advantage of the benefits of propane. It can power your heat and hot water, stove, fireplace, pool and much more. At Glider Oil, we’re proud to not only provide Central New York with propane and automatic propane delivery, but also offer expert, safe propane tank installation.
A buried underground propane tank lets you enjoy all the benefits of propane without the tank visually disrupting your landscaping. Today's tanks are more durable than ever, constructed of heavy steel and painted with special coatings that prevent corrosion. Historically, propane has a remarkable safety record. Since it’s released as a gas, it doesn't spill, pool, or leave a residue; it won’t ignite when exposed to air; it’s non-toxic; it’s not harmful to the soil or groundwater; and its added odorant helps identify leaks.
Environmentally friendly and maintenance-free, an underground propane tank will typically last 30-40 years. We install a variety of tank sizes, depending on your specific need. Smaller tanks can provide energy for appliances like clothes dryers and stoves, while large tanks can heat even the largest homes, including swimming pools and hot tubs. 
Our professionals will work with you to determine whether underground installation is right for you, and if so, evaluate important factors like nearby buildings; property lines; exterior ignition sources; appliance intakes and ventilation systems; home entrances; materials stored nearby; stored flammable liquids; other fuel tank installations; and cesspools, septic tanks, water lines, sewage lines, or any underground utility to give your family a safe, reliable system you can count on for decades to come.
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