Prepare for the Cold with Automatic Delivery

- 12:27 pm - September 7th, 2017

There are few sure things in the world, but here are two: 1) even at their warmest, New York winters are cold, and 2) you can count on Glider Oil’s Automatic Heating Oil Delivery to keep your oil tank full during any New York winter. Automatic delivery takes some of the sting out of the cold by making sure you’ve got the fuel you need to stay warm through Mother Nature’s worst.

Put tank level monitoring out of your mind. We use a sophisticated system that takes into account your historical fuel usage and forecasted weather conditions to create a delivery schedule and bring you fuel before you have to worry about your tank running dry. This system allows us to account for seasonal fluctuations in weather or to adjust your oil delivery schedule because of a pending snowstorm. So when that big storm does hit and blizzard conditions are on the way – or even if we’re in the tight grip of a prolonged cold spell – your family will have enough heating oil to ride out the freeze in cozy comfort you can count on.

During the cold months you’ll get more frequent deliveries to ensure that you have plenty of fuel in plenty of time; when temperatures are more moderate and you use less fuel, the time between deliveries will be longer. We manage every heating oil delivery so you don’t have to, and as an automatic delivery customer, if you find your tank empty there is no charge for an emergency delivery. Total home comfort starts right here! Call or contact Glider Oil today to learn about automatic delivery and enroll before the first sign of cold weather!

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