Save Money with These Winter Conservation Tips

- 10:30 am - August 15th, 2023

Temperatures are dropping and it’s starting become evident that summer is coming to a close. Winters can be brutal here in Upstate New York and Glider Oil Co wants to make sure your home is as ready as possible to keep you warm this fall and winter.


As we prepare for the colder seasons, here are some conservation tips to follow so that the brutal temperatures aren’t brutal on your budget.


  • Keep your blinds and curtains open when the sun is shining: when natural light enters your home it has the power to keep your space warm allowing you to turn down your thermostat
  • Do not block your vents: when vents are blocked, they require more energy to keep your home at your desired comfort temperature
  • Tune-up your heating system: your heating system will use 5% less fuel and your pockets will thank you
  • Keep your hot water tank insulated: keep the first six feet of your hot water pipe insulated
  • Wrap your pipes: during the colder seasons pipes can freeze. Wrapping them ahead of time will preserve the heat in your pipes and protect them against freezing and bursting



Don’t let the cold air intimidate you this winter. Here at Glider Oil Co., we’ll help you save money, conserve energy and stay safe and comfortable in your home all winter!


For more information on ways to conserve energy this winter, visit our website or contact us at 800-724-3835.

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