Spring & Summer Energy Saving Tips!

- 9:24 am - May 11th, 2022

These days we could all benefit from a little extra savings! That’s why we recommend doing your part to conserve energy which will in turn help potentially lower your energy costs.


Here are some a ways you can reduce energy consumption during the spring and summer. Keep these energy-saving tips close:


  • Install programmable thermostats and save an estimated 10% per year on your heating and cooling costs
  • Use LED light bulbs in your home. LED light bulbs reduce energy costs and give off significantly less heat than standard incandescent light bulbs
  • Caulk and weather-strip around doors and windows to keep the conditioned air inside your home
  • Cook outside on the grill as the weather warms up!
  • Upgrade the insulation in attics and crawlspaces to prevent air from escaping through ceilings and floors
  • Upgrade your heating and cooling systems to more efficient, modern equipment that could potentially save you up to 40% on energy costs


Remember to also keep your heating oil storage tank full during the spring and summer seasons! This helps protect the integrity of the tank and your heating system. Need a heating oil delivery? Contact us online today!

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