Don’t Forget to Top Your Oil Tank Off Before Summer

- 3:06 pm - March 14th, 2024

Since Glider Oil first began delivering heating oil in 1942, homes and businesses in Jefferson, Onondaga, Oswego, St. Lawrence, Oneida, Madison, Cortland, and Herkimer counties have relied on us for quality fuel deliveries at competitive prices. Over our 80-plus years of heating experience, we have seen first-hand the benefits of keeping your fuel tank full during the off-season.


A Full Heating Oil Tank Helps:


  • Protect Against Condensation: Condensation is one of the biggest enemies of your heating oil storage tank. When room is left inside your tank over the spring and summer, it allows condensation to build up and create sediment and sludge which leads to corrosion.


  • Promote the Health of Your Heating Equipment: The sediment and sludge that can accumulate from excessive condensation can settle in your fuel lines and block your fuel. This can lead to costly repairs when you start your heating system next winter.


  • Save You Money on Heating Oil: Summers come and go faster than we’d like, and a full heating oil tank helps keep you prepared for the return of cold weather. Ordering fuel in the spring can save you money on fuel oil rather than scheduling your first delivery in the fall when prices are historically higher.


If you want to make scheduling fuel oil deliveries a thing of the past, you should enroll in automatic deliveries! We will track your past fuel usage and schedule deliveries so you can always end the heating season with a full tank of fuel.


Don’t wait, contact us to schedule your home heating oil delivery today!


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