The Worry-Free, Fuel Delivery

- 11:00 am - September 13th, 2023

Do find that your home is constantly running out of fuel? Do you always forget to request a delivery a few days in advance? With summer coming to an end this month, it’s important that your home has its adequate fuel supply to be prepared for the approaching heating season.  

Avoid the risk of running out of fuel this year when you enroll in automatic fuel delivery with Glider Oil.

When You Enroll in Automatic Fuel Delivery, We:

  1. Use an advanced computerized system to record past usage and create a delivery schedule.
  2. Monitor your fuel supply and deliver your oil before you run out.
  3. Track the weather to determine any changes that may be needed.

You no longer have to worry about monitoring your fuel gauge or calling a few days in advance to schedule a delivery because we do it all for you. The days of you running out of fuel are now over.

With Automatic Delivery, You:

  1. Get more time to do the things you love instead of worrying about your fuel supply.
  2. Can manage fuel costs with our budget plan.
  3. Get peace of mind knowing that your home will always have enough fuel no matter what.

Live stress-free this year when you call us at (800)724-3835 to enroll in automatic delivery with Glider Oil. We look forward to helping you.

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