7 Ways You Could Use Propane This Winter

- 10:00 am - November 14th, 2023

Propane is a clean and versatile fuel source and can be used in summer, winter, fall or summer. Find out the 7 ways you can use propane this winter from the list below created by your friends at Glider Oil. Make sure you read until the end, because number 7 is our favorite!

Use Propane This Winter For:

1) Garage Heaters – You don’t have to worry about being cold while in your garage because a propane-powered garage heater will keep you warm.


2) Refrigeration – Propane refrigerators produce almost no carbon emissions and are less expensive to operate than electric refrigerators.


3) Propane Clothes Washer & Dryer – Propane dryers are hotter than electric dryers and can reduce the amount of energy you’ll need to wash and dry your clothes. 


4) Cooking Appliances – A propane stove or oven can provide a more precise temperature control and better distribution of heat than electric appliances.


5) Gas-Powered Fireplaces – A gas-powered fireplace gives the same charm as a wood fireplace but without the messy cleanup afterwards.


6) Stand-by Generator – You’ll be well-prepared in the case of a blackout because a propane-powered generator will give you electricity to charge your phone and light your home. 


7) Home and Water Heating – Propane furnaces and water heaters are warmer and more cost-efficient than electrical furnaces and water heaters. Read more about our propane here.  


Propane can be used for the majority of your household functions. For any questions you may have and to see how else you could use propane, contact or call Glider Oil at (800) 724-3835 and we’ll help! 

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