Enhance Your Summer with Propane Power!

- 1:00 pm - July 14th, 2023

With propane, the opportunities are endless. Your summer nights spent in the backyard or swimming in your pool will never be the same, thanks to the versatile and energy-efficient power of propane. Glider Oil Co. is proud to deliver this clean energy to homes and businesses across Central New York State.


Here are just some of the ways you can make the most of your summer with propane:


  • Cooking Outdoors: No barbecue is complete without a propane-powered grill. Avoid the ash and hassle of coal and enjoy the fast, even cooking power that propane provides. 


  • Heated Pools and Hot Tubs: Keep your pool or hot tub at the perfect temperature with this eco-friendly energy source. Propane is more energy-rich than natural gas, so it costs less to heat your hot tub or swimming pool.


  • Fire Pits: The summer fun never has to end with a propane-powered fire pit. Starting it can be as simple as a flick of the switch, and you can keep the conversations and late-night stargazing going by a warm, cozy fire.


  • Backup Power: You can hook up your backup generator directly to your propane line, so in the event of a summer blackout, you will remain safe and comfortable!


We could go on discussing the benefits of propane gas, but then this blog would turn into a book! If you would like to hear more about propane and the services we provide, call Glider Oil Co. at (800) 724-3835.

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