Keep Us Updated on Your Fuel Usage!

- 9:11 am - April 8th, 2020

New York homeowners who rely on our automatic delivery service for their heating oil or propane needs should always keep us in the loop when it comes to their fuel usage. Here’s why!

When we first set customers up with automatic delivery we refer to their past fuel usage history to determine their delivery schedule. Fact of the matter is that things can change, resulting in a household using more or less fuel than they did previously - especially in light of the recent coronavirus pandemic that had many residents working from home!

Is your household fuel usage changing? Let us know if…

  • You’re spending more or less time at home

  • You’re having guests stay for an extended period of time

  • You’re expecting a new addition to the family

  • You’re expanding your home with additional rooms

  • You’re using fuel-powered appliances more or less frequently

Just remember to keep up in the loop when things change at home that can affect your fuel usage so that we can keep you fueled up! If you’re not yet enjoying the benefits of automatic delivery, contact us online today to learn more and to sign up.


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