Automatic Delivery: The Gift That Keeps Giving, All Year Long

- 5:00 pm - December 22nd, 2015

The holiday season has a great way of reminding us how hectic life can get! Between dashing around in a last-minute gift-shopping spree and hurriedly readying your home for your holiday guests, is going to check your heating oil level something you really want to do? And what if you forget to do it, only to have your memory jogged when the heat suddenly turns off?
If you still haven’t enrolled yet, it’s time to join our countless satisfied automatic delivery customers and get the peace of mind you deserve. Automatic delivery from Glider Oil helps ensure that you’ll always have enough fuel to heat your home. It may seem like holiday magic – only this sort of thing sticks around all year long. After cross-referencing your heating oil usage history with the outdoor temperature, we’ll assign your account a personalized refueling delivery schedule. 
Under ordinary circumstances, you’ll no longer have to venture into the boiler room to check your meter, remember to make a delivery call, or sit around waiting for your fuel to arrive. The only thing you’ll need to remember is to keep us informed if your house undergoes a major change such as someone moving in/out of your home, which can lead to a change in heating oil usage and may change your calculated fuel delivery date.
Give yourself the gift of stress relief – contact Glider Oil today to enroll in automatic delivery. 

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