2015-2016 Budget Program Begins July 1st

- 4:57 pm - June 17th, 2015

Rather than face high expenses due to extreme cold spots or sudden increases in fuel prices, you can manage your heating oil and propane costs with a Glider Oil budget plan. We estimate your fuel expenses for the year ahead and divide the total into 12 monthly payments. Because you pay a regular monthly bill, a budget plan can prevent a tight midwinter budget. 

We also provide cap pricing, which ensures that your per-gallon price will never exceed our price cap. This is a great benefit because it protects you from sudden rises in energy costs. We are able to guarantee your price for the entire season because we buy insurance to protect the wholesale price that we pay. If our market price is higher than the cap price when we deliver to you, you pay the cap price for any oil you have reserved with the budget plan. If the market price is lower than the cap price, you pay the market price. We also pay you a credit each month if there is a balance on your account. 

We calculate your monthly budget amount at the beginning of the budget year based on the number of gallons you used the previous year and the new cap price. If you wind up overpaying, you can apply the balance to next year's budget plan or take the balance as a refund.

Payments begin in July and end in June of the following year. Contact us today to enroll in our budget plan.

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