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- 5:02 pm - June 2nd, 2016

Like practically any commodity, the price of propane can fluctuate over a period of time. But with Glider Oil, you can seasonally pre-buy your residential heating propane for one flat, un-changing fee. That means even if propane prices rise during the season, your price won’t – and that’s good peace of mind to have.  
How it Works 
Under the pre-buy propane agreement, you can purchase between 400 and 2,000 gallons of propane, with a minimum delivery of 100 gallons or more. The pre-buy price is a fixed per-gallon price and will not change until your gallons are exhausted or the cycle’s expiration date is reached, whichever occurs first. Any gallons beyond your contracted gallons will be invoiced at the current market price.  
Signing Up
There are two pricing period options to choose for the pre-buy plan. The first pricing period runs from July 1 to July 30, and the second pricing period runs from July 31 to September 30. For optimal pricing, we urge you to sign up as soon as possible. Contact Glider to request your Pre-Buy service contract today.
Trust Glider Oil for all your propane needs, including supply, maintenance and tank installation. To sign up for your pre-buy plan or to request one of our many services, contact Glider Oil today

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