Glider + Oil = Worry-Free Warmth

- 1:15 pm - February 21st, 2017

Since 1942, we've served our corner of Upstate New York with unmatched service and warm, personal attention. We're big enough to offer the quality fuels and conveniences you need, yet small enough to know you by name. As a family-owned company, our goal is to treat you like a member of the family – that's the Glider difference. But there’s another word in our company’s name – Oil! And just as we’ve worked to make the Glider name synonymous with service and comfort, “Oil” is also synonymous with some pretty good things. Here are just a few of the reasons why residential customers in the Northeast use almost four billion gallons of heating oil every year:


It’s SAFE!

Oil heat is the safest, most efficient means to heat a home or business. Fuel oil is a very stable, non-flammable, non-explosive product, which addresses some of the safety concerns that surround fuels like natural gas. 


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, older furnace and boiler systems had efficiencies in the range of 56% to 70%. Modern heating systems can achieve efficiencies above 95%, which means that nearly all the fuel these systems consume is converted to useful heat for your home.  


According to the latest Short-Term Energy Outlook, published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, heating oil expenditures for the typical American home are projected to be 26% lower than the average of the past 10 winters. And with U.S. inventories of heating oil remaining above the five-year average, prices should remain stable into the foreseeable future.


U.S. production of crude oil is at its highest level in decades. The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve has a capacity of 727 million barrels, and is the largest stockpile of government-owned emergency crude oil in the world. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve contains a one million-barrel supply of ultra-low sulfur heating oil, providing protection for homes and businesses in the northeastern United States should a disruption in supply occur. Glider Oil maintains seven bulk fuel storage facilities in New York State, located in Oswego, Carthage, Pulaski, Alexandria Bay, Boonville, Blossvale, and Phoenix, protecting our customers even further. 


Best of all, residential and commercial customers can count on us for prompt, professional delivery of this safe, efficient, economical, and abundant fuel. For the heating oil that keeps your family warm, Glider + Oil is an equation that can’t be beat!  

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