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- 4:54 pm - June 23rd, 2014

Attention homeowners in Oswego, Jefferson, Onondaga, Lewis counties – our 2014-2015 Budget Program starts July 1st! 
When you enroll in the budget plan, we will estimate your fuel expenses for the entire year based on past usage history and then divide the total into 12 equal monthly payments. This will allow you to have a predictable bill instead of having to pay for multiple deliveries each month during the winter. Did you know that up to 80 percent of your fuel bill is spent during those few months? We offer plans for both heating oil and propane, so almost anyone can sign up!
When you register for our budget plan, you will receive the Glider Cap Price Program, qualify for the cash discount program and a sales discount.  Each fall, we set a maximum price per gallon on your fuel for the entire winter season. If there is a heating oil or propane price spike, you will never pay more than your capped price, and if prices drop you will pay the lower market price! 
The new budgets start in a few days. Contact us now! 

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