Make Your Home Summer Ready With Glider Oil

- 12:08 pm - April 14th, 2017

During the warm months it’s important to stay comfortable and cool in your home. At Glider Oil we know that keeping your cooling system running at full power through the summer can really push your electric bill. Beat the heat with these tips for conserving energy during the summer and let your air conditioner take a breather now and then. 

Start from the top by installing an attic fan. Attics can reach temperatures in the triple digits without proper ventilation, but an automatic fan and thermostat can keep it nearly 30 degrees colder. 

Make sure your vents are clear of furniture or anything that could hinder your air conditioning system’s efficiency. Also, draw your curtains, blinds and drapes closed during the day. Keeping the sunlight out will drastically reduce the temperature inside your home.

Take it outside when it comes time to cook dinner. Your propane grill, fueled by Glider Oil, makes a great substitute for cooking in an oven and keeps the heat out of the house. If you must cook indoors, don’t be afraid of the microwave. It emits less heat than a stove and uses less power to cook food in less time.

Trees are great for shade and when properly planted can provide cover for those rooms that get filled with hot sunlight from the rising and setting sun. Not only can planting a tree save you up to 25% on your air conditioning bills, but it’s great for the environment! 

Turn off the lights and any other non-essential electronics in your home when no one is using them. Light bulbs get very hot when left on for prolonged periods of time and other electronics can not only contribute to the heat, but become overheated themselves.

These tips for a cooler home during the summer will have you conserving energy and saving money in no time. Contact Glider Oil today for other great energy conservation tips for the winter and all year long, then ask about what services we offer to make the summer heat a little more tolerable.

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