Price Cap, Pre-buy, Budget Plan: Which Is Best for You?

- 10:00 am - May 14th, 2024

Heating fuel prices can fluctuate, which can bring challenges when you’re budgeting your costs during the heating season. Glider Oil offers three convenient options to help you manage your heating oil expenses: price caps, pre-buy, and budget plans. We’ve provided details on each to help you make an informed decision.


Price Cap

A price cap sets a maximum price you’ll pay per gallon of heating fuel throughout the season. This protects you from price spikes, and if there’s a reduction in fuel prices, your payments will also be lowered.



With our pre-buy program, you can buy your residential main heat propane supply before the start of the heating season. This guarantees price stability, which is ideal if your priority is predictable payments. It’s important to note that this option cannot be combined with our Budget Plan.


Budget Plan

For our budget plan, we estimate your annual costs based on your usage last season and this year’s Cap price, and that value is split into 12 monthly payments. If you wind up overpaying, you can apply the balance to next year’s plan, or we will issue a refund at your request. If we determine your payments are set too low, we’ll notify you in February or March and increase your monthly payment amount.


All in all, these three choices are great ways for you to take control of your heating costs. Our budget plan is open for enrollment and payments start in July, so contact us today to get started, and visit our prices and specials page for more information.

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