An Underground Tank Is For Your Safety

- 10:00 am - October 17th, 2023

Aboveground tanks are exposed to harsh weather conditions, making them more susceptible to rust and damage. When you have an underground tank installed by Glider Oil, you can enjoy the benefits of this safe, versatile fuel without having to worry about the maintenance of your tank!

An Underground Propane Tank Installed by Glider Oil Is:

  • Safe – An underground propane tank is surrounded by soil and can prevent gas from reaching the air in the case of a leak.


  • Valuable – A new underground propane tank can increase the value of your home.


  • Better for Extreme Weather – Underground tanks are less likely to rust and deteriorate since it’s not directly exposed to rain and snow.


  • Visually appealing – Enjoy more backyard space and avoid ruining the look of your home and yard with an underground propane tank.


  • Easier to Maintain – The days of painting and cleaning your tank are over!

Propane is a clean, renewable fuel source used for clothes drying, home and water heating, stoves and so much more. Get peace of mind knowing that your underground propane tank can keep you safe in the event of a leak and last you for years to come. Talk to us about installing an underground tank today by calling us at (800) 724-3835.

For more information on our safe and clean propane, click here.

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